GatherNYC: Project Trio (flute, cello, double bass)
March 18th, 2018 @ 10:30am EST


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GatherNYC is a revolutionary weekly concert experience.

Held every Sunday morning in downtown Manhattan, Gather evokes the community and spiritual nourishment of a religious service, but the religion here is music, and all are welcome.

Guests are served exquisite live classical music by New York’s most celebrated artists, artisanal coffee and pastries, a taste of the spoken word, and a brief celebration of silence. The entire experience lasts one hour.

In these unsettling times, GatherNYC provides a place to fortify beauty and peace. 

*Children under 12 are admitted FREE! Please email with the number of children you plan to bring.

Project Trio (flute/cello/double bass)
Greg Pattillo, flute | Eric Stephenson, cello | Peter Seymour, double bass

With over 80 million views on YouTube and featuring the famous "beatboxing flutist,” Project Trio will amaze with their “wide appeal, subversive humor and first-rate playing.” [The Washington Post]

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